With VRange approaching our initial release, and after many messages, it became apparent that the community was seeking more information on our plans for releasing VRange. In light of this, we’ve gone ahead

and prepared our ‘Road-map to Release’ a simple, plain English (with pictures) plan of  attack as we approach our initial Steam release into early access.

VRange: Version 1.1

While we’re striving to include as much content as possible in our initial release of VRange, it’s important for us to remember that much of our current development work requires active feedback from the community.

We need to get the game into the hands of players as quickly as possible to really start working out the kinks.

Over the past few months we’ve had very successful reviews and feedback from those who have played and tested the game mechanics. It’s been a thrilling experience thus far, however we’re fast approaching the point where we want to give everyone the opportunity to get in on the action.

VRange is divided into three sections; Ranges, CQB and Scenarios. With the release of VRange 1.1 we’ll be populating each section with a range of scenarios and environments to play and enjoy.

The Ranges

VRange is built upon the concept of serious real world weapons, in not so serious locations, as such, VRange will launch with access to 5 themed range environments; Melon Protection HQ, Demo Pit, Bastion, Area 51 and Maple Forest. Each environment brings it’s own themes and challenges with everything from terrorist melons to destructible


Close-Quarter Battle & Leader-boards

At launch, VRange will give players access to our two most popular CQB courses from early testing. Alpha and Bastion. Each CQB course is modelled after a real world training environment’s to bring

a sense of realism to the training environments. Later in development we’ll be bringing VRange leader-boards live, giving players the ability to upload their scores to the VRange live leader-boards and compete against their friends.


Better get training on those CQB courses, further into VRange development we plan to release the Scenarios module. In Scenarios, players assume the role of the elite Melon Protection Force and will face off against those who would harm Miss Melony Melone. We’ll have more news on the development of Scenarios at a later date.

The Library

At launch, VRange will come equipped with over 25 fully interactive weapons and explosives for players to tear down those targets and protect those melons! With each development update, we’ve got a wealth of new weapons and objects planned for release.


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